Remembering Cosgrove Hall Studios

'I honesty felt, at that tender age, that I had genuinely found my place in the world and was more than eager, to one day return and become part of it!’

Niki Hutchinson, reminisces about his his experience visiting Cosgrove Hall studios in 2003 as a teenager. Niki has volunteered with the Cosgrove Hall Films Archive and continues to support our work - a special thank you to Niki for his contribution.

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Waterside Arts
Cataloguing Animation Collections

An overview of approaching the mammoth task of cataloguing a vast animation collection and some practical observations. We began cataloguing the animation collection in October 2017, this post breaks down this aspect of the documentation process.

A lot of work goes into housing the Cosgrove Hall Films Archive, it’s an interesting process to share because when you say ‘archive’ people imagine a polished, systemised complete store like in museums and galleries. Simply getting to that stage takes a lot of refining and attention to detail and can take years.

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Behind the Scenes of the Animation City Interviews

In September 2017 the Waterside team brought together Cosgrove Hall legends for a filmed conversation with Ric Michaels. These interviews begin to form an oral history of the animation studio, introducing fans to some of the faces behind Cosgrove Hall creations and establish Manchester as the home of the studio.

Ric Michaels interviewed Cosgrove Hall founder Brian Cosgrove, BAFTA award-winning CHF Animator Barry Purves, CHF model-maker and founder of Mackinnon & Saunders, Peter Saunders, and finally ex-development producer at CHF Westley Wood who recognised the significance of the archive and was instrumental in establishing it at Waterside.

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Cosgrove Hall Films Archive: The Journey Begins

The journey that brought the Cosgrove Hall Films Archive to Waterside began way back in 2008. This is when our artists' development strand CIT (Creative Industries Trafford) invited Chris Bowden, a producer at Mackinnon & Saunders, over to deliver a talk for animators. 

Chris' insights into the work of Mackinnon & Saunders and the mix of creative skills that go into animation productions began a long discussion at the venue about how fascinating it would be to exhibit some of Mackinnon & Saunders' work at Waterside. We wanted to showcase how animators, puppeteers, character designers, writers and craft-makers work together to create some of our best loved animated characters.

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